Duck Dynasty Patriarch: “We Are Swimming In A Cesspool Of Politically Correct Crap”

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Americans have been made fully aware at this point in time that Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson isn’t one to mince words. Needless to say, he’s at it again – ticking off Liberals – this time saying, “We are swimming in a cesspool of politically correct crap.”

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If anyone would know, Phil Robertson is exactly the guy to speak about this as well as the majority of his fame has come about by PC soldiers seeking to destroy him for his beliefs. Amidst his spiel in which he was addressing what appears to be the congregation of a church, he further stated:

“America is sick. It’s sinfully sick, and so is the world. When is that last time you heard someone in the news media say with their straight voice and any kind of admiration, ‘Jesus Christ. Jesus?’ They won’t even mention his name,” said Robertson. “We are swimming in a cesspool of politically correct crap.”

Take a peek at the video above and let us know what you think – will Phil pay for this one too?

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