Joan Rivers’ Goddaughter Reveals Icon’s Desperate Attempts To Stay Young

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Joan Rivers’ Goddaughter, Tracie Hotchner, has spoken out this week to reveal a very different side of the legendary comedienne.

Onstage, Joan was known for her feisty demeanor and her take-no-prisoners approach. However, Tracie says that Joan was actually a loving person in her private life who was always there for her family.

Tracie met Joan when she began working as an assistant to both the comedienne and her husband, Edgar Rosenberg, in 1971. She became close to the couple, and when Joan found out that Tracie’s mother had died when she was young, she immediately dubbed herself her godmother. Joan also made Tracie godmother to her own daughter, Melissa.

Joan exposed Tracie to a lavish lifestyle that the latter had never experienced before, but Tracie admits that she was shocked by Joan’s obsession with beauty.

Joan had her hairstylist come to her home twice a day, and had a standing appointment with her plastic surgeon every year.

“I would ask, ‘What are you having done?’ and she would say, ‘Whatever I feel like'” Tracie laughed.

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Joan was a strong activist for plastic surgery procedures and even pressured Tracie to get some work done on herself.

“She offered me all kinds of surgery, I said no thank-you! She thought it was the greatest gift you could give somebody, to improve somebody.”

Joan’s generosity extended to plastic surgery, and Tracie reveals that the legend often bought procedures for friends.

“Joan once bought an assistant and a couple of other friends liposuction for Christmas,” Tracie says. “They were thrilled!”

Tracie is still devastated by the loss of her godmother, but she finds comfort in the last words Joan ever wrote to her.

“The very last thing Joan wrote to me, she wrote to ask about some challenges. some family health issues, and she wrote: ‘Third acts suck, but fourth acts are marvelous, hang in there.”

Hang in there, we will, but we sure do miss you Joan!

H/T: The Daily Mail

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