NSA Recruiter Assaults Student Asking Hard Questions

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Despite the NSA saying that they’re doing everything by the books and that the entirety of their operations fall within the confines of the law, the majority of the nation knows this to be untrue. So when a law abiding citizen decided to confront a representative of the NSA, you can imagine his surprise when the man assaulted him out of frustration.

The incident occurred during a career fair at the University of New Mexico where two students approached a booth in which an NSA recruiter was seeking potential applicants. After having been asked by students Andy Beale and Sean Potter where one of their mothers were in a sarcastic question, the conversation devolved where the recruiter, Neal Z., began to mock the two.

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Responding with the, “NSA is not permitted to track or collect data about US persons,” he became a bit more hostile after one of the students said that they do track and collect data. After a while, Neal became so agitated that he not only raised his voice in an unprofessional manner when being poised with simple questions, he eventually assaulted one of the students by grabbing onto his cell phone as he was recording the incident.

Of course, as if the students were in the wrong, big guy Neal went and fetched security in effort of having the men booted from the event entirely. Knowing what the government is doing with the NSA as proven by the documents leaked by Edward Snowden, how does an agent of the NSA clearly and blatantly lying to the public in the manner in which exude make you feel?

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