‘Sons Of Guns’ Child Rapist Used Social Media To Cover Up Indecencies

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Oddly, ‘Sons of Guns’ star Will Hayden’s social media accounts were not taken down immediately following his arrest for raping a minor. FOX411 looked into the account and what they found was an apparent attempt by Hayden to portray the image of a doting father – something he most certainly was not.

Hayden posted one photo of himself, shirtless, kissing his daughter on the cheek. He captioned the shot, “[Daughter] just took this one… insist that it be shared.” One commenter on the photo wrote about Hayden’s role as a dedicated father, to which he replied, “That’s all I am bro. Rest of it is just stuff I do to make a living.” Riiiiiight…

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While his social media accounts depict many shots of his daughters, they make little mention of his wife. In fact, so little is said about Rachel Hayden, that one could easily assume the reality star is unmarried. This just serves to add fuel to the fire for those claiming Hayden used Facebook and Twitter as a part of his cringe-worthy scheme to put on a good front, all the while living out his disgusting fantasies behind closed doors.

How do you feel about the fact that this sicko used his social media accounts to cover up his deplorable behavior? Sound off in the comments section.

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