Breastfeeding Mom Ticked After Bar Cuts Her Off After Beer And Shot Of Whiskey


September 18, 2014 2:42pm PST

A Virginia mother has found herself amidst controversy lately after she was cut off after just one beer and a shot of Whiskey. Although, this doesn’t seem like a lot of alcohol, it is when you’re breastfeeding a baby which is why the bartender said enough is enough.

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The complaints and demands to do something actually derived from patrons of the bar who looked on in horror as the mother continued to drink as she breastfed her child. Peeved at the establishment, Crystal McCullough launched quite the unintentional movement with plenty of ignorant and uninformed followers.

According to the many peeved alongside her, they dubbed the bar not so mother friendly. Obviously if McCullough had come out with the fact that she was downing beer while the baby was eating itself, the informed collective may not have been so quick to condemn the bar.


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