Retired Colonel Confident Hillary Clinton To Soon Face Criminal Charges

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Although many are blind to see why Hillary would make an abysmal president, those of us that know, clearly remember the short time she was in a position that held any amount of authority whatsoever. Most recently however, it seems that Hillary may have to face the music over her crimes as the longer that time goes on, the more that comes out.

As Mr. Conservative reported yesterday, a Senator has come forward saying that he’d stumbled across quite the atrocity one weekend immediately after Benghazi. According to his account, upon going to the State Capitol building, he found two high ranking advisers of Hillary heading up an operation in which any incriminating documents were being scrubbed and destroyed.

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Because of these illicit allegations though, many are starting to get the clearer picture as to exactly what Hillary did during those hours in Sept. 11, 2012. Furthermore, as this new evidence has broken, it appears she not only was responsible for the deaths of those Americans, but she tried to cover up her place in the events of that night.

It is because of this that Retired Army Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer has recently announced that Hillary may soon be looking at some pretty serious criminal charges. According to Shaffer if the allegations were proven true, it could bring about some, “very serious charges being potentially brought against those who tampered [with] or destroyed documents.”

Furthermore, should she be presented the chance to demonstrate the weasel she is, we may very likely get a peek into the inner circles of the covert cover-up as Hillary would surely try to save her own hide. So what do you think – isn’t it time we get the whole truth regarding Benghazi?

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