Romney Declares: Obama Putting America In Danger Like Never Before

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As Obama continues to ignore ISIS, in what one could only assume to be in hopes that it will simply go away, some are saying that we’re in critical danger. Amongst that crowd is former presidential candidate Mitt Romney who explains that Obama’s neglect has put America in danger like never before.

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The remarks were made amidst an interview on Fox News where Romney declared that because Obama has failed to address the problem, its allowed for ISIS to become a, “danger unlike anything we knew.” He furthermore went on to describe, “It’s almost hard to imagine how the president’s foreign policy could have been worse as it relates to keeping America safe from jihadists having territories and funds from which they can attack America.”

As Obama continues to bumble down this path that seemingly can only end in the self-destruction of our nation, one has to wonder what he’s thinking. Although it seems like the only thing Obama has his eye on is the end of his second term, what can we as Americans do in order to force him to fulfill the duties of his office?

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