Cop Swears To Protect Children, Rapes Them Instead

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A 38-year-old Illinois police officer has landed in some hot water lately after confessing to be a pedophile. The perhaps worst aspect of the case however, is that the man was recently tasked with protecting children from pedophiles on a predator task force in the first place.

Gregory Pyle of Crest Hill just admitted that back in 2008, he was complicit in taking a child outside state lines where he reportedly sexually abused the child. Furthermore, he stated that he captured the events of that day on either photograph or video and is thought to have been distributed later.

As the prosecutors describe, the child was under 12-years-old at the time where evidence indicates the, “sadistic, masochistic, and violent,” behavior exhibited by Pyle. Furthermore, Pyle used the authority of his badge to hinder the investigation into his actions and used his police knowledge to better help cover his tracks.

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Fortunately however, he didn’t do a good enough job as he was later caught where assistant U.S. attorney Michael Love explained in a statement, “For over five years, [Pyle] was entrusted with the efforts of the McHenry County sheriff’s office to protect children from exploitation and abuse. When he knew he was under investigation, he successfully obstructed investigators determining the full scope of his criminal conduct.”

Furthermore, The Free Thought Project writes:

Pyle was forced to resign from the police department, when allegations of sexual abuse began to surface after the evidence that he posted online was discovered and linked back to him.  At some point the FBI also got involved, so it is possible that an FBI investigation linked Pyle with the evidence that he posted online.

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