What Michelle Obama Just Did To Kids With Cancer Will Have You Fuming


September 17, 2014 3:06pm PST

There’s nothing much that Obama’s wouldn’t do in order to get that way, even if that means walking atop – metaphorically that is – cancer ridden children. According to reports, parents are utterly peeved after being told they couldn’t visit their sick children due to security concerns because the First Lady was at the hospital.

Apparently the incident took place at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where one mom, Angie Rouse Green, posted to Facebook:

“RANT: I am LIVID!!!!!! I just got a phone call from a St Jude mom whose son is battling a brain tumor. … Tomorrow, this little boy has his MRI. The results come after. His mom was told that she cannot bring her husband with her to get the MRI results!

“Why you ask?? Well, because the first lady and her entourage will be in the hospital tomorrow for, I assume, a photo shoot and Secret Service has pretty much shut down to bare necessity our hospital. Only one person allowed per patient, no social media in hospital, no photos in hospital, cars will be towed in garage, more than one person with patient will be turned away at the gate by Secret Service!”

She went on to add, “People, this is a children’s cancer hospital! Now a mother may have to receive possible horrible MRI results alone without the child’s father! Really?! Someone needs to think about the children before their care is compromised for the sake of publicity!”

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According to the St. Jude hospital website, Michelle was set to visit with a select few children and families. “She will then take a tour of the hospital,” the website went on to describe. “The first lady will hear stories from families like the Vickie and Chelsea Clark. Vickie and her 13-year-old daughter came to St. Jude after Chelsea was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2012 and relapsed this summer.”


Although the hospital was apparently overjoyed with the visit by the First Lady, they were about the only ones. Another parent, Sally Coley Leger, echoed the concerns of Green saying, “It’s a really sorry day when they kick parents out so this lady can come. A child could die today without his/her parents around because the first lady doesn’t want both parents/family with their loved ones. If you can’t come and let things be normal, then do those babies an even bigger favor and stay home!”

Another Twitter user using the handle, “Heterosexual Woman,” lit into the First Lady saying, “Oh you no idea how mad these patients’ families are! Some have sign[s] saying GO HOME SO MY CHILD GETS TREATMENT TODAY!”

Where do you stand on this – is this ludicrous, or does the First Lady’s privacy trump the needs to children with cancer? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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