Town Bans Body Odor “To Protect The Public From Foul Smells”

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For those of us who have had the unpleasant dealings with someone saturated in the stank of body odor, its well known how offensive it is. Someone higher up in Washington state must’ve had frequent dealings with such as one town has recently banned it entirely.

The newly established ordinance of Burien states that certain behavior is, from here on out, disallowed in certain places. According to Fox Baltimore, “Visitors to the city parks, city hall, and even the library are prohibited from using obscene language, not wearing enough clothing, and having poor hygiene.”

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Those found in violation of the ordinance may face being banned from whichever public place they were in for an entire year. The town has also come forward saying that the new rule is absolutely necessary in order, “to protect the public from foul smells.”

Burien City Manager Kamuron Gurol further expounded, “People will, unfortunately, have such a bodily odor that it’s very hard for other patrons to be in that same space.”

Sounds like a pretty serious problem.

The American Civil Liberties Union however has spoken out against the ordinance declaring it unconstitutional saying that it singles out homeless folks. Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below – does this ordinance take it too far?

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