Tony Stewart Likely Getting Arrested

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The recent announcement that Tony Stewart’s case would be heading to Grand Jury have quite a few people reeling. That being said, there are two possible reasons why the Ontario County Prosecutor’s Office would be taking things down this path – because he wants to cover all his bases, or because there’s substantial proof that proves Stewart’s wrong doing.

It’s been explained that many factors have come into play here, the first of which being the notorious video from that night. Investigators were also able to get their hands on a second video in which they’ve also analyzed and were said to have enhanced as well.


Lastly, between eyewitness accounts and the testimony of experts, the investigation into the matter was ruled closed last week. Now, just a few days later, officials have announced it will be headed to Grand Jury where the final decision on whether or not Stewart will be indicted, or the case will be dropped.

Either way, lips are sealed as to when the jury will convene as New York state law dictates. Witnesses being called are also being withheld although the DA stated that Stewart may be brought to the stand to testify. That being said, many have been left wondering why the case would be going to Grand Jury at all.

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As a Grand Juries objective is to determine whether or not a person should be charged with a crime, this leads to only two possible outcomes. The first of which being that there’s either questionable or solid evidence that could prove Stewart’s guilt. As many have speculated, although most do not believe Stewart intentionally ran over Ward, they said that he may have accidentally while trying to spray him with mud and his car got away from him.

Just listen to this expert here:

Other’s however, who believe that Stewart is innocent state that the Ontario County DA is merely covering his butt. Given the national attention around the case, you can see why someone would want some definitive answers leaving the finger pointing to end somewhere else rather than Ontario County Officials. After all, if the Grand Jury says there not enough evidence and to drop the case, but later down the road it comes out that Stewart was guilty, well then at least it wasn’t their fault.

On that same note however, those who blame Stewart will not be able to say that evidence was withheld and Ward wasn’t given justice as the case will have been put through the ringer.

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