Ferguson Protestors: “If Wilson Get Off, Y’all Better Bring” The Army “Cuz It’s Going Down”

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Although news has shifted off of the situation in Ferguson, the turmoil the community has been cast into is far from over. Most recently, during a St. Louis County Council meeting, protesters, and Left wing activists threatened the board saying they’d better bring in the army if Darren Wilson wasn’t charged because “it’s going down.”

The meeting was subject to several interruptions as the audience broke out in protesting chants but the worst incidents occurred when citizens were able to personally address the board. After saying that they’d like to see Officer Darren Wilson arrested and charged, they said that if this did not become a reality, they would begin violently rioting.

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Heard screaming, “Arrest Darren Wilson,” the crowd was extremely disruptive and obnoxious at times. One man speaking to the board stated, “If Wilson Get Off, Y’all Better Bring Every Army Y’ Got, Cuz It’s Going Down.”


Are threats and obnoxious interruptions the way to get their point across, or is this actually hurting the efforts in which their intent?


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