ISIS Threatens Obama In Gruesome New Propaganda Video

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ISIS has released another slickly edited propaganda video, this time threatening Obama and U.S. troops. The video, which could be viewed on YouTube this morning, has since been taken down.

Breibart provided a rundown of the graphics:

The video features slow motion explosions and fighting conducted by militant Islamists while U.S. soldiers are spotted picking up their wounded and loading them into military vehicles.

The clip flashes images of President George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” banner followed by a clip of President Obama vowing that “American combat troops will not be returning to fight in Iraq.”

The video shows pictures of the White House at night before ending with a message that “fighting has just begun.”

Political pundits have speculated that the video could be a response to General Martin Dempsey’s testifying on Capitol Hill that if Obama’s airstrikes are unsuccessful, troops on the ground may be the necessary next step in combating terror groups in the Middle East.

Let us know what you think of ISIS’ newest propaganda video in the comments section. Is it time we wiped these guys from the face of the Earth or what?

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