Border Rancher Caught In Intense Shootout With Illegal Alien

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One detail that the leftwing media conveniently leaves out of their reporting on illegal immigration, is that violent aliens who cross the border threaten the lives of legal U.S. residents. This story is evidence of that fact.

The Conservative Tribune reported:

Arizona farmer Greg Hudson recently shot it out with a Mexican national who threatened his family and hired hand.

The illegal immigrant, later identified by Pinal County sheriff’s deputies as Victor Colozo, showed the hand, Kyle Wormly, a gun, and before turning to leave, said, “I’ll be back.”

Wormly told Hudson what happened, so Hudson got his 12-gauge shotgun and followed Colozo “to make sure he left the property.”

When Colozo saw him, he took at shot at him, but missed. Hudson returned fire, and Colozo started to run. But four deputies arrived on the scene at that point and took him into custody.

Hudson said that if it happens again, he’ll load his shotgun with something other than the bird shot he used against Colozo. “I don’t want it to happen again, but I know I’ll be prepared next time with different ammo,” he said.

At the same time as the Obama Administration is welcoming dangerous illegals into the United States, they are also trying to strip legal American citizens of their Second Amendment rights. If Hudson had not been equipped with his trusty shotgun, he would have had no way to defend his family against this gun-toting illegal with complete disregard for the law.

This report teaches us a valuable lesson. If we do not secure our borders and fight to defend our Constitutional rights, the life and liberties we hold dear will be lost forever to the liberal agenda. Americans can kiss this country goodbye if they aren’t willing to stand up to the likes of Obama and his corrupt, tyrannical cronies.

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