“Poppycock”: CNN Panel Has A Blast Mocking Democratic Senator

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Obama’s presidency has not only had a negative effect on this country, but on the Democratic party as a whole and some are beginning to demonstrate this reality. While trying to distance himself from Obama, a panel on CNN decided to have a good ol’ time mocking at least one Senator acting in such a way.

Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall recently stated that he would not write a “blank check to begin another ground war in Iraq,” while criticizing Obama’s strategy – or lack thereof – regarding ISIS. While discussing the comments made, Anchor John King was quick to point out that Udall was needlessly “getting in the face,” of a “Democratic president.”

He furthermore said, “An interesting statement, except the president has said repeatedly… he will not put boots on the ground.” Riiiiiight – because Obama has ALWAYS done what he says.

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Of course, this opened the door for fellow panelists, CNN’s political reporter Peter Hamby and the Washington Post’s Nia-Malika Henderson, to join in on the intended comedy. Hamby went on to say, “Mark Udall has been trying so hard to run away from the president on so many things. The other day in the debate he said, ‘I am the senator that the White House fears most when they see me marching across the White House lawn.’”

Eventually, he concluded, “That’s not true,” as he continued laughing. “That is hilariously wrong, and not true,” he added.

King then chimed back in saying, “poppycock,” was the word he believed Hamby to be looking for.

Take a peek at the ridiculous video above and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

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