Significant Evidence Suggests Holder Ditching The Obama Administration

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Although Obama and Holder have been a team of race hustlers like no other, it seems the untouchable duo may soon be parting ways. According to several reports when pieced together, Holder could soon be handing in his two weeks notice.

Currently Holder is heavily involved in the case of Michael Brown giving its racial nature, so it is not thought that he’ll be headed out the door just yet. However, as the conclusion of 2014 is sneaking up rather quickly, many have taken a look back onto what he’s said and its indicative that he may not see the year 2015 while holding the position of Attorney General.

According to the Washington Post, Holder told of a health scare earlier this year which brought about speculations that Holder could be contemplating stepping down. Unfortunately, when he was nominated again, this was cast into the wind as the borderline tyrant team continued to bumble down their illegal, and protected, paths.

However, upon accepting the position once again, Holder noted that he would be acting as Attorney General, “well into 2014.” As he’s only stated one career goal to many, as he nears the completion of such, many are once again being led to believe that he may be headed out the door.

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Of course, just as his Superior is more focused on, rather than the duties of his office, Holder’s goal consists of traveling and site seeing. According to Western Journalism:

Holder reportedly committed himself to visiting each of the nation’s U.S. attorney’s offices.

So far, he has made it to 90 of the 93 offices and, according to his itinerary, is planning to check off the remaining destinations in the near future.

The last office on his list is reportedly going to be the Scranton, Penn., office named in honor of a personal friend, Judge William J. Nealon.

Although many Americans are rejoicing over the notion of his earlier retirement, not everyone is so convinced. Furthermore described by Western Journalism, “A DOJ source confirmed that his earlier statements were not made with the intention of pinpointing the end of his term.”

So what do you think – could this finally be the end of the racist Eric Holder?

(h/t: Western Journalism)

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