Did Pro-Choice Miss America Winner Get Crowned As Political Favor?

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The 2015 winner of the Miss America pageant has been raising eyebrows after it was revealed that she worked for abortion giant Planned Parenthood in New York City. Now, more details surrounding Kira Kazantsev’s past are beginning to emerge, and they are just as sketchy.

Some are a bit miffed about the fact that Kazantsev is the third consecutive winner of the pageant from the state of New York. To understand this coincidence, one needs only to look as far as Kazantsev’s political affiliations.

Kazantsev served as a volunteer for Kirsten Gillibrand’s United States Senate reelection campaign. Gillibrand, a staunch Democrat and pro-choice advocate, is also from New York.

Kazantsev even gave Gillibrand an on-stage mention during the interview portion of the pageant. She went so far as to stress that special attention and resources should be given to female politicians.

Wikipedia explains:

“During the on-stage question portion of the contest, she was asked what issue women in the senate need to put on the forefront. Kazantsev stated that she felt military sexual assault needed attention and resources of women in congress.[8] She noted that she was happy that female politicians were already doing so, and proud to be a constituent of one of these women (Kirsten Gillibrand).”

It is not entirely unlikely that the Democratic Senator pulled a few strings to get the 23-year-old crowned. This would also explain her win, despite the fact that her talent was embarrassingly bad. In case you missed it, she sat on the floor and played with a red plastic cup. It’s safe to say that nobody expected her to win after that disaster.

Never the less, Kazantsev was crowned as Miss America 2015. Do you think we have politics to thank for this regrettable symbol of our country? Give us your take in the comments section.

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