Two Veteran Marines Are Marching To D.C. To Hand Deliver Message To Obama

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“Never leave a man behind,” – that’s exactly the motto of our United States military and its exactly what’s been forgotten by Obama. As Marine veterans look onto the Marine Andrew Tahmooressi incident in which he’s in a Mexican jail on gun charges, a few of them have become fed up enough to actually do something about it.

In an effort to voice their outrage that Obama hasn’t brought back home our boy, Marine Corps veteran Terry Sharpe, 63, has decided to literally march on down to Washington D.C. to deliver his message and demand he bring Tahmooressi home. After 11 straight days of walking, Sharpe conveyed, “I just got tired of nothing being done. What I’m doing is trying to keep Sergeant Tahmooressi in the media.”

According to the jailed marine, while driving in his truck with three loaded weapons, he made a wrong turn and ended up in Mexco. Once stopped however, Mexican authorities discovered the weapons and arrested him on account of their strict anti-weapon laws.

Sharpe states that he knows the arrest of Tahmooressi was on account of a simple mistake.


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The veteran furthermore articulated on his view of the matter by saying, “He didn’t want to go to Mexico, he made a wrong turn. He wasn’t there to be a terrorist or sell weapons. And he shouldn’t be where he is at for a wrong turn.”

Explaining the simple nature of his objective, Sharpe relays, “I got aggravated because nothing is happening and I said I’m going to walk up to Washington, D.C., and tell President Obama to make the phone call. All he has to do is call the president of Mexico and tell him to let the boy go.”

Adamant on his demands, he went on to say, “I know it can be solved with a phone call. And he can be out of prison and back to the United States and back into the hospital where he needs to be for post-traumatic stress disorder.”

It’s really a sad day when a citizen of our country has to literally walk on down to Washington D.C. in order to tell the President what the right thing to do would be, isn’t it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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