It Took Just 30 Seconds For This Pastor To Utterly DESTROY The Muslim Religion

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Despite those on the Left seeking to demand tolerance of Americans regarding the “religion of peace,” many aren’t so keen on giving respect seeing how it is usually earned rather than given. After the recent days in which two American journalists were beheaded in the name of Allah, those justifying their actions seek to place blame elsewhere rather than on where it should lie.

Unfortunately, the painstaking attempts to which Obama has gone to defend that of Islam has just about been for nothing as it doesn’t take much to see though the deceit. As Mr. Conservative reported earlier this month, even a former Muslim was no longer able to deal with the hypocrisy of the religion and converted to Christianity.

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Today, he strives to expose the religion for what it is as well as offer his real experiences with the religion in order to prove that Muslim extremists act according to the Quaran. That being said, a Christian pastor has recently joined the ranks of destroying the Muslim religion and it took him a mere 30 seconds to do so.

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