You Won’t Believe Where Miss America Used To Work

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The newly-crowned Miss America, Kira Kazantsev, has quite the questionable resume. The former Miss New York used to work for the nation’s largest abortion company – Planned Parenthood.

Kazantsev visited public schools on behalf of Planned Parenthood to educate impressionable youngsters on “moral values and duties,” as if killing your unborn child is in any way moral or dutiful.

Kazantsez worked for Planned Parenthood just outside New York City proper for three months, from February 2013-April 2013. The same abortion clinics she represented were found to have botched procedures. They were also responsible for neglecting to call 911 in the event of emergencies, in order to hide controversy from pro-life groups.

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Additionally, in a 2012 undercover sting, New York Planned Parenthood locations were found to be willing to arrange abortions for sex trafficking victims as young as 13-years-old. A staff member was caught telling a man posing as a pimp that he could pretend to be a guardian to get his girls discounts on abortions, after they became pregnant through forced sexual relations.

Many think that Kazantsev never should have been crowned the 2015 winner of the Miss America pageant in the first place, as her talent was a bit on the ridiculous side. She sat indian-style on the ground, in a pair of glorified pajamas, and played with a red cup. No joke.

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