What These Muslims Marched Through The Streets Of NYC Will Have You Fuming


September 16, 2014 9:37am PST

Although Obama has tried to relay time and time again that the ideology of Muslim extremists do not represent the religion of Islam, many have refuted such a notion. Apparently they’ve had good reason as American Muslims recently marched something through the streets of NYC that has quite a bit of people fuming.

The incident occurred during the 29th annual Muslim Day Parade in New York City this Sunday where believers of the religion sought to demonstrate that “Islam & America Share Common Values.” In order to prove this, Muslims decided to show off their tolerance of the world by creating a float depicting a woman being hung on the back of a truck.

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It was actually a mannequin wearing the flag of Egypt as a dress.

Another exhibit showed what appeared to be a Muslim militant riding in “Pharaoh’s Chariot,” cracking the whip at those pulling his mode of transportation – men wearing masks of Obama, McCain and Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Lastly, there was also a float with women in cages.


Sounds like they have a pretty good handle on what we here in America view as freedom.


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