A Word Of Advice For Django Unchained Actress Playing The Race Card

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Over the weekend, Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts made headlines when she was detained by Studio City police on suspicion of prostitution. She wasted no time in playing the race card, claiming the cops had discriminated against her for being black. She argued that she had only been kissing her husband, and because he is white, the cops must have assumed that she was a hooker and he was a paying client.

As we now know, this is far from the truth. Watts was actually having sex with her husband in their car, with the door open, in plain sight. A disgusted witness phoned in the indecency as they watched Watts shamelessly straddle her husband as they did the deed. At the risk of stating the obvious, I would advise you, Daniele, to get a room next time.

You may be perfectly comfortable having sex in public, then lying to the cops, then further dragging your name through the mud by incessantly playing the race card. But it’s sad that you’re ruining your husband’s reputation in the process. As far as we know, the man was compliant with police, showing them his ID, while you refused to do the same. He may have been complicit in your exhibitionist endeavors, however, I’d be willing to bet that he’d give his left leg to just make this all go away now. At this point, he really has no choice but to stand by his crazy wife. If he contradicts your story, he makes you both look like idiots and opens the door for the Left to brand him as a two-faced racist. If he leaves you, the media will attack him for ditching his wife when she needed him the most. He can’t win.

Have you so much time on your hands that you have to create scenarios of racism to keep you busy? Did you think it was OK to take advantage of the fact that racial tensions are high in America at the moment? Was this your regrettable attempt at staying relevant in an industry that doesn’t have room for yet another race pimp? None of these options look very good for you, Honey.

In closing, the best thing for you to do right now would be to shut your trap. Any ounce of credibility you once had has been shattered. At this point, the only thing you are effectively doing is adding her name to the list of race-baiting liberals that no one takes seriously. If you continue any further down this path, the only calls for jobs you will be getting will be from Al Sharpton.

Your fifteen minutes are up. Go home, Daniele.

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