Burqa-Wearing Teacher Gets Destroyed

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A burqa-wearing teacher gets completely obliterated in this epic video. The teacher works at a Christian school, and she is absolutely livid that her employers would dare to want her to remove her veil.

The school claims that the teacher tricked them by not wearing her burqa until she had already gotten the job, but she tells a different story. She says that it is only important for her to wear the veil in front of men, and that the school should have no problem with her wearing a burqa even though it completely goes against their religion.

For most of the video, the teacher is perched comfortably on her high horse; that is until the interviewer brings her crashing down to Earth. He asks her if there was ever a male in the room when she was interviewing for the job without her burqa.

She then becomes extremely uncomfortable when it’s revealed that she only wore her burqa when she got her job as she tricked her employers into hiring her. By the end of the video, the teacher has been exposed as the lying creature she is!

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