New Theory On Obama’s Birth Certificate Will Blow Your Mind


September 15, 2014 3:11pm PST

Despite having been in office now for just about 6 years now, the controversy surrounding the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate has all but died down. In an astounding new theory however, Donald Trump states that Obama may have been telling the truth that he was born here in America, he just lied about that when applying to Columbia University so that he could get in easier and get more in aide money.

Although there’s still a lot of the mystery surrounding the fact that Obama’s birth certificate, when released to the public, consisted of several different layers only visible on a program called Photoshop. As this only occurs when a file is created, many questions still remain as a document scanned consists of only one layer.

Trump however has recently turned a few heads with his new theory saying that Obama may have actually been born here in America. The mistruth only came about as Obama sought to enter into Columbia University and do it under much more advantageous conditions.

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When foreign students apply to school over here, they are more often accepted seeing how the diversity looks better for the school. Along with this, given that foreign students don’t earn nearly as much as American families do, they’re given more in aide to help with the staggering tuition costs – especially for that of a school like Columbia.

As he explained during a speech at the National Press Club, Trump relayed that he offered Obama, to be donated to the charity of his choosing, $5 million to show him just the personal information contained on his transcript – not the grades. When the date in which his offer was set to expire drew near, having not heard anything from Obama, he raised his offer to a staggering $50 million dollars.

Obama once again did not reply.

Now, if he had nothing to hide, the question is; why wouldn’t Obama gladly hand over his transcripts in order to spread around $50 million to whichever charities he pleased? Feel free to let us know what you think about Trumps new theory in the comments below.


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