Idiot Thief Falls Asleep During Robbery

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For the most of us, going to work and putting in a hard day takes about, on average, 8 hours, but for one burglar, he found his money making moment just a bit too tiresome. In the middle of robbing a home, the thief decided he was going to take a nap and did just that.

Dion Davis found himself just a bit too fatigued to pull off a robbery recently and ended up taking a nap with a bag of jewelry in hand. When the maid came in to check thinking the homeowner may have passed away, she saw it to be someone she wasn’t expecting.

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She reportedly ran from the room where she called 911 and waited for police. Davis reportedly didn’t wake up the entire time the maid was waiting for police, and remained in his peaceful state even as police made their way into the room.


Before immediately apprehending the man however, police instead snapped a photo. Some have speculated that due to the amount of time Davis was asleep, and seeing how he didn’t wake to responding officers, he may have been under the influence of something during the time of the robbery.

Take a peek at the video and let us know what you thought of this ridiculous burglar in the comments below.

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