Liberals In Action: American Flags Pulled From Student Trucks On 9/11

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Political correctness is getting out of hand as was proven during the recent events of a South Carolina district school. According to reports, Principal Aaron Fulmer of the Spartanburg District 4 recently confiscated flags sticking out of the beds of student’s trucks on the 9/11 anniversary.

As reported by, four students had driven to school with “large American flags mounted on posts in their truck beds.” Fulmer confiscated the flags at the beginning of the day and returned them to the students upon the conclusion of the school day.

As the Supt. Rallie Liston explains, the school does not have the right to “discriminate,” regarding their zero-tolerance policy as it directly reflects the First Amendment. Apparently the school viewed the flags as creating, “unusual amount of attention,” forcing administrators to remove the flags.

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Despite the fact that the flags were taken down, Fulmer has stated that he doesn’t want people to think the school doesn’t support to country. In effort to demonstrate this, the school is set to kick off homecoming with “American Monday,” where students are encouraged to wear red, white and blue colored outfits and even bring in American flags.


It doesn’t take much to see why such an action would result in an uproar, after all, Chuck Norris recently wrote:

Am I missing something? Do you remember the days when Americans not only used to be proud to fly Old Glory but frowned upon neighbors who did not?” Norris wrote. “These flag-flying travesties wouldn’t be so tragic if they weren’t becoming so prevalent and symptomatic of an America gone awry from its original mission and founders’ intent.

American pride should be encouraged in this day and age, not treated as a devious act. How do you feel about this – were the flags really that much of a distraction where they needed to be removed, or was the school doing this just to prove who was in charge? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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