Older Woman Claims She Was Impregnated By 13 Year-Old Boy

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This shocking video shows a 20 year-old woman who claims her one month-old baby was fathered by a 13 year-old boy. When he denies that he is the father, the girl takes him to Maury Povich’s show to prove that he is indeed her baby daddy!

Chaos quickly ensues when the boy’s mother gets involved. She is livid at the family friend who took her young son’s virginity at such a young age. The boy was a good student in school, and hoped to go to college one day, but having a baby to take care of would certainly derail these lofty plans.

Though both mother and son admit that he had sex with the 20 year-old, they deny that he is the father of the child. In the end, Maury conducts a DNA test, and the results may surprise you…

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