Hazmat Stampede: Ebola Patient Spreads Panic After Escaping Quarantine

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A video that has recently been released is showing the real-life fear that Ebola has on the population effected by it. After escaping an Ebola quarantine and spreading panic, one infected man was seen being swarmed by medical officers wearing hazmat suits.

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Eventually being stripped to his underwear and soaked down with some kind of chemical from inside of pressurized backpacks, he is then seen being thrown into the back of a truck and hauled back to the quarantine area. Although the head of the CDC explains that the fears around the Ebola virus are exaggerated, those who live in fear of the disease would likely tell you a different story.

This can be seen at the end of the video where the community celebrates after the man is shipped off allowing them to once again go about their daily lives in a safe and risk-free manner. Take a peek at the video and let us know what you think – along with the fact that other officials have claimed that Ebola will take the lives of 5 million before it dies down, should we be scared or do we take the word of the CDC at face value?

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