GOP Senator: 100 “Islamic State” Terrorists Currently In U.S.

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As the notoriety of ISIS continues to grow along with their operations, many Americans are beginning to fear that their threats against the U.S. may one day come true. Making these fears a bit more real is Senator John McCain who has recently announced that there are, at this time, at least 100 “Islamic State” terrorists here in America.

Muslim extremists continue to wreak havoc in the Middle East, and while they continue to recruit – or brainwash – those willing to fight, they are more frequently traveling to the war fronts from western locations (i.e. America, Britain). When these wars are over however, or need arises for them to return home, they do just that, back within the nation’s they speak against so harshly.

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At this time, McCain has announced that American intelligence agencies are currently tracking about 100 Muslim extremist militants that have returned home here in America. Furthmore, as they already have the motivation to implement an attack on the States, they’ve been developing the ability to now pull it off.

Furthermore, in another interview with Senator Lindsey Graham, he explains, “This is not just about Baghdad, not just about Syria. It’s about our homeland.”

There is no greater threat to our nation than that of which outwardly wish to do us harm. That being said, how long will it be before Obama acts preemptively to protect our nation and its citizens? Must America fall victim to another terrorist attack due to Obama’s neglect before actions against the terrorist forces are prompted?

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