Proof Obama Is The Anti-Christ

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While many Americans do not support Obama after what has been the most epic failure of a presidency in the history of the United States, some have gone so far as to label the Commander in Chief demonic, or the anti-Christ. After Obama’s latest address to the nation, we may have proof of exactly that.

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Obama announced his controversial plan for dealing with ISIS, although it was certain photos which were taken during his speech that have people talking. The photographs, which have been noted by such established news outlets as Fox and the National Review, appear to show the President with devil horns.

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The pictures have not been photoshopped. They were taken by press photographers during the speech in which Obama made the utterly ridiculous statement that ISIS is not Islamic.

What do you think of these compromising shots of Obama? Do you believe he is the anti-Christ? Sound off in the comments section!


H/T: infowars

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