California Policeman Under Investigation After Brutal Roadside Beating

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A California police officer was recently caught on tape handling a situation in an apparently abusive manner. As the video has gone viral recently, the California Highway Patrol has now announced that it will be investigating the officer than landed at least 11 violent blows to the face of a woman.

The woman, who is now undergoing mental evaluation – indicative that she may be mentally ill – was reportedly walking across the Los Angeles motorway. The officer who responded quickly followed her, and in an attempt to keep her from further endangering her life and the lives of others, decided to take action – he just took it a bit too far.

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After forcing the woman to the ground, he can be seen straddling her and punching her in the fact at least 11 times. According to the man who caught the incident on tape, David Diaz, “He just pounded her, if you look at the video, there are 15 hits. To the head, and not just simple jabs. These are blows to the head. Blows. Really serious blows. I find it hard to believe there was no other remedy in this situation.”

CHP Assistant Chief Chris O’Quinn however explained that although they don’t condone the actions of the officer he said the officer did what he had to in order to negate the threat to lives. He furthermore urged viewers to keep in mind that the video, “only shows a small part of what transpired, there were events that led up to this.”

The officer is on administrative leave as the investigation completes where O’Quinn explains that they can’t answer too many questions as it’d be irresponsible while the investigation is underway.

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