Woman Wears Burqa As Disguise To Kidnap Muslim Child

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A former day care worker has been found guilty of kidnapping and raping a 5 year-old Muslim girl after she wore a burqa and impersonated her mother.

Christina Regusters, 21, donned a burqa and went to the child’s elementary school pretending to be her mother in January 2013. She then kidnapped the child and blindfolded her while she impersonated three different people. Regusters molested and raped the child before she released her 19 hours later.

Surveillance footage shows Regusters in a burqa impersonating the little girl’s mother as she walks her out of school.


The 5 year-old was found half-naked the next day on a cold playground at 4 in the morning. Regusters was convicted on Friday of a litany of charges that includes kidnapping, aggravated assault, and indecent deviant sexual intercourse.

The defense claims that Regusters could not have acted alone, since there were other people in the house the girl was kept in that day. A trace of semen was also found on the girl’s T-shirt, along with Regusters’ DNA.

Prosecutors, however, were not buying it and believe that Regusters acted alone. They found child porn and violent Japanese anime in her possession.

The little girl says that she was kept blindfolded under a bed during the ordeal, but she remembered hearing a talking bird. This piece of information helped police to close in on Reguster’s home.

The little girl was brutally injured during the kidnapping and she even had to get a colostomy. She has since recovered and is in the second grade. She was able to testify briefly at the trial.

Regusters faces sentencing on December 15. What kind of punishment do you think she deserves? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: The Daily Mail

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