“I F*cking Kill You”: George Zimmerman Threatens Driver In Road Rage Incident

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George Zimmerman has yet again found himself in the public spotlight after allowing his temper to get the better of him. During a road rage incident, Zimmerman reportedly stalked another motorist, asked him “Do you know who I am?,” before ultimately telling him, “I f*cking kill you.”

The incident began Tuesday where Matthew Apperson, 35 claims that he was “simply” driving down the road when Zimmerman, in a gold pickup truck, cruised up beside him. Saying that the vehicle caught his eye as it, “stayed next to him, not accelerating or slowing,” he looked over to see the window rolled down with Zimmerman and an unidentified Hispanic female both “yelling at him.”


When Apperson also rolled down his window, he reports that Zimmerman shouted, “Why are you pointing your finger at me? I f**king kill you. Do you know who I am?” As can be heard in the 911 dispatch call the driver made to police, he claims to have been “rapping” to himself in the car while his hand made movements in synchronization with the music.

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After realizing who was verbally harassing him, Apperson then claims to have driven to the nearest convenience store due to the fact that he didn’t have a cell phone, to use the phone and call police. On his way into the Circle K store, “the gold pick-up truck drove toward him, and stopped and began yelling at him again.”


Zimmerman reportedly left and was gone by the time police showed up where they were said to have spoken with Apperson regarding the incident. Upon seeing a bulge in the front of his waist band, police quickly asked him if he had a firearm to which he replied that he did revealing it and his pistol permit.

Two days later, the victim saw Zimmerman outside of W K White and Associates Inc – “a company described on its website as social security disability specialists,” according to the Mail Online. After laying eyes on the truck, he notes that it quickly began to, “accelerate,” where he heard the tires, “chirp.”


Police later spotted Zimmerman’s truck, pulled him over and questioned him on the matter. According to the alleged aggressor, he was coincidentally attending an appointment at Waymont Court – that just so happens to share the same plaza as W K White and Associates Inc. Apparently, Apperson did not find the need to press charges so the case has been dropped.

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According to Spokesperson for the Lake Mary police department, Officer Bianca Gillett, “the officers on scene did not verify Mr. Zimmerman’s appointment, as they did not further the investigation since the victim did not wish to prosecute.”


She further explained, “As of now, the incident is closed. If the victim did wish to assist with prosecution, we could reopen and review the incident at that time.”

So which is it – is Zimmerman unable to keep himself out of the news because of his infamous reputation, or is he a hothead truly worthy of the news? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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