This Airport Just Let Anti-Gun Rights Activists Take It Too Far

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The debate over the Second Amendment, and whether or not Americans have the right to own firearms – despite it being clearly outlined in the Constitution – is long from over. A recent incident however has proven just how effective the Left’s agenda to demonize guns has been as a local airport has officially taken things too far.

In a message demonstrating that they’d rather ban guns outright rather than teach the importance of gun safety, the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority has recently made quite the statement. Project ChildSafe is an initiative created by National Shooting Sports Foundation, in which pro-gun activists aim to ensure that guns are properly locked and stored in the presence of children.

In an effort to get their point out there, they’ve taken to advertising in a series of locations including local airports where the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority was the first to say no. According to general counsel for the group, Larry Keane, “This is zero tolerance political correctness run amok at the expense of actual safety.”

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Apparently on the advertisement is a photo of an empty handgun with the slide racked back and a gun lock securing the gun and effectively rendering it useless. This photo is the exact reason the airport does not want to host the advertisements as they also explain that due to the fact that guns aren’t allowed on the premises, neither shall ads relating to guns be permitted.

As Keane mentioned, “The public service announcement that we sought to run at this airport, which we run in other airports around the United States with no issue, promotes responsible ownership and responsible firearms safety education. There is a picture of a pistol that has a lock on it so that it’s secured and that’s the point of the safety message.”

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