Liberals Deem THIS Women’s Lingerie Item Racist

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An op-ed piece in the University of Oklahoma’s news publication has deemed women’s lingerie to be racist. Yes, you read that correctly. The Oklahoma Daily published this little gem:

Imagine this: you are a young African American woman who has run to the local department store to grab a “nude” colored bra to wear under a sheer outfit, say a game-day dress or a work interview blouse. But when you get to the store there is no “nude” lingerie, at least not for you.

Bras in slightly different shades of pale peach abound, but there are few to no options for darker-skinned women and they aren’t advertised as nude-colored. How would it make you feel that the fashion industry and society at large has based its ideal of nude on Caucasian people?

Not only have liberals now deemed women’s lingerie to be racist, but apparently colors are just as hurtful. Nude is not a term used by Caucasians in order to advance a ‘white privilege’ agenda. On the contrary, it’s an adjective; a word to describe the shade of something. Plain and simple. By the logic displayed in this Oklahoma Daily article, all colors could be deemed racist. It’s absolute idiocy.

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The race-baiting continued, as Oklahoma Daily plugged a new company which apparently is a bit confused on the definition of the word ‘nude’:

Fortunately, one lingerie company is shining a light on this glaring discrepancy and is actively redefining nude. Nubian Skin creates nude lingerie and hosiery for women of color and is built on the foundation that all women should have access to the same beauty products.

The concept is so new that the brand’s online storefront hasn’t launched yet, but we posit the company will do quite well. After all, it is filling a hole in the market that larger lingerie brands have chosen to overlook.

Last time I checked, all women do have access to the same beauty products. A black woman is welcome to buy any beauty product that a white woman can buy, no one is stopping them. Women have always purchased products based on their skin tones, and that is by no means racist. Let’s hope Nubian Skin takes a moment to ponder this concept before they launch their online storefront.

The absurdities continue to role in from the race-baiting Left. Where will it end? Feel free to read more about how nude bras are dragging America deeper into the dark hole of racism and despair here.

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H/T: Three Percenter Nation

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