Allen West SHREDS Kerry’s “Embarrassing” Remarks That Dropping Bombs Isn’t War

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As Obama continues in his attempts to put off war at all costs despite the blood of Americans being shed, latest claims coming from his administration are now being deemed “embarrassing.” In their goals of pleasing the majority, Secretary of State John Kerry has claimed that America isn’t at war with terrorist, but rather that we’re simply going to drop a few bombs on them.

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Needless to say, former Rep. and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, doesn’t necessarily agree – at all. In a recent statement, he wrote via his social media page, “Ok, this is becoming rather embarrassing for America. Let me be clear, when you are dropping a bomb on someone’s head, you are at war with them — unless, you are Barack Hussein Obama or John Kerry.”



This has got to be, the most incompetent and deceitful administration to ever have the privilege of occupying the Oval Office. Was West right? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

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