Many Are Claiming This Photo To Be Proof That Obama Is The Antichrist

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As Obama relayed to the public this week and utterly vague intent on dealing with terrorists as they continue to lop the heads of Americans, many were keen on noticing something rather different. Although it may be indicative of nothing more than bad placement, some are saying that one little detail with his speech, could prove that he’s the Antichrist.

Although Obama has claimed that he’s not all that into photo ops, his actions during the recent months has proven that anything but true. However, when it comes to the next time he feels one of these “unfortunate” photo ops coming on, he may want to ensure that everything is how it should be – including where he’s standing.

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In quite the demonic photo, provided by the folks over at Mad World News, seems to depict Obama with quite the set of horns on his head. Although the photo hasn’t been “photoshopped” in any way, those horns are actually just the curtains far off in the background.

This seems to matter not to those who believe Obama’s the antichrist as they say that although they may not be real, the metaphorical value validates their claims. Take a peek and let us know – are these just ridiculous claims or could this actually be a “sign”?

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