Major Catholic Figure Openly Supports Radical Islam

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During a press conference in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick stressed the similarities between the Catholic faith and the Islamic religion, raising more than a few eyebrows.

McCarrick even went so far as to reference a common Muslim phrase, which is normally used to praise Allah. “In the name of God, the Merciful and Compassionate,” McCarrick proclaimed as he introduced himself to the audience at a meeting arranged by the Muslim Public Affairs Council. That particular verbiage is used over 100 times in the Koran.

The Cardinal continued with the absurdity, saying:

“Catholic social teaching is based on the dignity of the human person… [and] as you study the holy Koran, as you study Islam, basically, this is what Muhammad the prophet, peace be upon him, has been teaching.”

Michael Meunier, head of the U.S. Copts Association, responded to McCarrick’s surprising comments by saying:

“Either the cardinal has studied the whole thing and does not know what he’s talking about, or he is making a somewhat misleading statement. The practice of the Muslim majority people that adhere to the Koran… have proven that [claim of equivalence] is not correct.”

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Robert Spencer, the best-selling author of many books on Islam, also voiced his concern over Cardinal McCarrick’s comments. The editor of said:

“Has Cardinal McCarrick converted to Islam? ‘Peace be upon him’ is a phrase Muslims utter after they say the name of [their reputed] prophet… [so] probably he is unaware of the unintended Islamic confession of faith he has just made. [Islam] teaches a sharp dichotomy between the Muslims, [who are called] ‘the best of people’ and the unbelievers [are called] ‘the most vile of created beings.’ The Koran also says: ‘Muhammad is the apostle of Allah. Those who follow him are merciful to one another, harsh to the unbelievers.”

84-year-old McCarrick is too old to vote in any Catholic Church debates, which may be just as well, if his most recent comments truly reflect the way he feels about Islam. Do you think it was insensitive of him to make such remarks one day before the anniversary of 9/11? Perhaps he has been taking cues from Obama, who commemorated the occasion in a similarly insensitive manner, by spending September 11 with the non-profit organization ‘KaBOOM!’ Let us know what you think of this report in the comments section!

H/T: Daily Caller

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