Judge Napolitano TEARS APART “Unconstitutional, Murderous” Obama

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The nation has changed almost unbelievably since the 9/11 attacks that happened 13 years ago today. As a result, it seems the government has taken unprecedented steps in a blatant abuse of power all the while hiding behind the message of “securtiy” to act in a manner undoubtedly unconstitutional.

Just as so many Americans are becoming upset with the overreach of government in recent years, Judge Andrew Napolitano recently spoke out against Obama.

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The words came out during an interview with TPNN’s Tim Constantine where they began by speaking about the, “erosion of our civil liberties.” Bringing up the arguable notion as presented by the Attorney General’s office wherein the president has the right to use drones in order to kill Americans on American soil, Napolitano ripped “murderous” Obama a new one:

“There is no more direct, and there is no clearer prohibition in the Constitution of the government doing that- I mean, the Fifth Amendment is about as clear as can be. No one shall be subjected to the loss of life, liberty, or property without due process.

What has happened is the government has succeeded in terrifying Americans into believing that if they sacrificed their liberties, they would somehow be safer. Yet, some of the things that George W. Bush did on his own have been done by Barack Obama and he has used the fact that Bush did them and got away with them as a precedent. That troubles me. That fill-in-the-blank that will be elected in 2016 would not be above- unless it’s Rand Paul- would not be above or beneath making the same claim and using Barack Obama’s unconstitutional, unlawful, and quite candidly, murderous behavior as a precedent. Because when the president does something, and it becomes a precedent – meaning there is no blowback, Congress didn’t do anything about it, the courts didn’t interfere and prevent it from happening again- when the president gets away with that, it becomes a precedent for a future president. Basically, in amending the Constitution by consent rather than by amendment, by agreeing to overlook the due process clause when the president wants to, this would turn Jefferson and Madison and even Hamilton and Adams in their graves!”

Further speaking on the lengths in which Obama has allowed for military-like police to operate here in the United States – speaking in particular about officers locking down entire communities in search of the “Boston Bombers” – Napolitano continued to say destroy Obama’s “totalitarian and unconstitutional,” mindset:

You know, my colleagues in the media, including my colleagues here at Fox, use a standard phrase when that happens – and I loathe that phrase because the phrase comes from the operation of a prison- and the phrase is ‘lockdown.’ ‘Watertown, Massachusetts, is on lockdown.’ Well, Watertown, Massachusetts, is a town, a free town in America! The government cannot lock anybody down. Yet, we use that phrase.”

After you’ve listened to the entirety of the interview, feel free to leave us your thoughts on what Napolitano had to say in the comments below.

(h/t: TPNN)

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