James Foley’s Mother Slams Obama For Failing To Save Her Son


September 12, 2014 8:08am PST

Now that the family of James Foley has had a bit of time to grieve the death of the American photojournalist beheaded by ISIS, they are ready to speak out about all of the injustices which occurred throughout the process of attempting to bring him home alive. Ultimately, Obama failed miserably on that front, which we could have expected considering the way he has dropped the ball on numerous other important issues in the past.

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Diane Foley revealed to CNN’s Anderson Cooper:

“Jim was killed in the most horrific way. He was sacrificed because of just a lack of coordination, lack of communication, lack of prioritization. As a family, we had to find our way through this on our own.”

She continued with further admonition for the Obama Administration:

“I pray that our government will be willing to learn from the mistakes that were made and to acknowledge that there are better ways for American citizens to be treated. This whole strategy to eliminate ISIS and the terror threat is important, obviously, so perhaps part of the strategic way of doing that is to bomb them, and to engage in force. But that only caused Jim’s death. I guess all I’m trying to say is that our government needs to be shrewder, smarter, willing to negotiate with these people who hate us, so that we can find better ways to rid ourselves of terror.”

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The President also failed to take the necessary steps to save Steven Sotloff. ISIS warned in the gruesome beheading video of Foley that Sotloff was next in line for the same brutal death if Obama didn’t step in. The Commander In Chief had ample warning and there was no reason to take threats from ISIS militants lightly, as their brutalities have been clearly documented in thier propaganda material. Still, Obama dropped the ball again, and now a second American journalist is dead.

Obama addressed the nation this week concerning the threat of the Islamic State, and his remarks were disturbingly lackluster, as his approach to dealing with the terrorist organization has been.

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H/T: MailOnline


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