Bob Beckel’s Sexist On-Air Insult To Gorgeous Co-host Sparks Outrage

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Bob Beckel is known for ruffling the feathers of liberals everywhere, but this time he’s turned on one of his own! The Fox News host got into a verbal altercation with cohost Kimberly Guilfoyle in which he strongly implied that she achieved success solely because of her looks.

According to Mediaite, the panel was comparing Josh Earnest to Jay Carney when Beckel brought looks into the equation.

“He’s far superior to the last guy,” Beckel said of Earnest compared to Carney, “just in terms of what he looks like.”

“So we’re now going on looks, that’s perfect Bob,” Guilfoyle replied.

The other hosts laughed at the light-hearted exchange, but Beckel seemed annoyed that Guilfoyle had challenged him.

“That coming out of your mouth is a little bit of a stretch,” he said to her.

“Let me ask you this,” Beckel continued, “if those legs of yours were a foot shorter, do you think you’d be here?”

“No Bob, she’d be here,” the much shorter Dana Perino chimed in, as she pointed to her seat in trying to defend Guilfoyle.

Despite Beckel’s blatant insults, Guilfoyle managed to handle herself quite well.

“If these legs weren’t so long, I wouldn’t have to stick ‘em out over there,” Guilfoyle finally answered him. “I could sit nice and delicately where Dana is.”

What do you think about this exchange? Was Beckel out of line, or does he have a point? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: Mediaite


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