“Son’s Of Guns” Star’s Daughter Collapses After Dr. Phil Interview About Abuse

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“Son’s of Guns” star Stephanie Hayden has done her first interview since revealing that her father raped her, and it took quite a toll on the reality star.

According to TMZ, Stephanie spoke to Dr. Phil last week and revealed details of the sexual abuse that she faced for the first time on television. Seconds after the interview was over, Stephanie fainted and briefly lost conscious.

By the time EMT’s arrived, she was awake and cited the stress of discussing the rapes as the reason for her collapse.

Stephanie originally defended her father when her younger sister accused him of rape, but she changed her story last week and admitted that her father raped her as well. Will Hayden remains in jail at this time.

The Hayden family starred in the popular reality show “Sons of Guns,” but The Discovery Channel was cancelled by the reality show immediately after Will was accused of rape.

Stephanie’s full interview with Dr. Phil will air on Thursday.

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