What Joan Rivers Did With Her $150 Million Fortune May Surprise You

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When iconic comedienne Joan Rivers died last week, she left behind a $150 million fortune. On Thursday, the details of her will were revealed, and some of it may surprise you.

Joan left a chunk of her estate to her two dogs, Samantha and Teegan, who she famously said were better than a husband “because they never left the toilet seat up.” She made sure to make provisions for these two dogs who lived with her in New York as well as her two other rescue dogs, who were based in California.


While she left a good part of her estate to her pets, she left the bulk of it to her beloved daughter Melissa and 13 year-old grandson Cooper. Melissa was her only child, and was very close to Joan.

While it may come as a surprise to many that Joan left so much money to her pets, friends of the 81 year-old comedian were not shocked by the will at all.

“She loved her dogs dearly, and they meant so much to her because with her hectic lifestyle of travel and performances, her pooches were her touchstone to normalcy and genuine affection- just as they are for the rest of us!” Joan’s goddaughter, Tracie Hotchner, commented.


Friends said that Joan loved her pet dogs so much that at one point she expressed that she wanted them all to be cremated along with her when they die, and for their ashes to all be in one big urn together.

While Joan was cremated this past week, there is no evidence that she decided to go forward with this burial plan with her dogs.

Melissa Rivers is currently in Los Angeles sitting Shiva, which is a Jewish ritual of mourning that will allow Joan’s friends in California to pay their final respects. Though this will put an end to the funeral rituals for Joan Rivers, she will certainly never be forgotten.

H/T: The Daily Mail 

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