Admiral Takes Just Two Minutes To Destroy Obama’s Bible Grabbing Plan

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Today’s society seems to be a mere shell of what it once was just 6 years ago when Obama took office. Amongst the many American things he’s been successful in changing, it seems his greatest attempt has been pointed at disallowing the Bible from within the ranks of the military.

There’s no arguing that Christianity has a strong, and long founded place within the United States military as the nation was fought for and founded on God. As Liberal PC soldiers keep up with their attacks however, it’s only emboldened Obama to do what he’s desired all along.

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According to Mad World News:

There has been a quiet war on the Bible in our military. First they banned the Bible from Military hospitals, but after public outcry, they reversed the ban. Then came proselytizing charges on our Military personnel. Next came a condemnation of personally handing out Bibles on military bases. We even have them labeling evangelical Christians as “Religious Extremists” in base briefings.

One Rear Admiral however has come forward to say that enough is enough. He furthermore declared that this circumstance has become so out of control that, “The Government is telling soldiers that if a person is in need, or even contemplating suicide to send them to a Chaplain and do nothing else.”

Bringing attention to the ludicrous nature in which the government is trying to impost, it takes the admiral just two minutes to completely destroy that in which Obama is aiming to do. Although at this point, it’s nothing new to see Obama’s policies completely obliterated in just mere minutes, this one is definitely worth watching.

Take a peek and let us know – does our military deserve the right to exercise its religious rights just as any citizen?

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