What Ferguson Protesters Just Did To Stay In The News May Surprise You

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As the nation continues, while under the borderline tyrant reign of Obama, to spiral downward into chaos, many other hot topics of discussion may have you paying attention to other things outside of the still prevalent rioting in Ferguson. In a desperate attempt to reclaim their throne atop the news charts however, rioters recently tried to shut down a Ferguson highway, but when police came to disband the group of about 150-or-so, they became violent.

As it stands, Obama has allowed for things to become so far out of control that news of any one instance seems diluted in the cesspool that is the remainder of the world’s problems today. In order to keep the light that shines upon Ferguson for longer than the usual 15 minutes, rioters and protesters are finding themselves coming to extraordinary means in order to keep the focus on them.


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Although their plan isn’t necessarily going accordingly, and is rather painting the town in a more uncivilized light, they’ve recently ramped up their efforts. As described by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, when police stepped in to break up the obnoxious group of about 150 that were blocking a busy highway:

…clashes with police had resulted in 32 charged with unlawful assembly and four with assault on law enforcement officers. No one was injured during the nearly three hour stand-off with authorities.

Missouri State Highway Patrol spokesman Al Nothum reported that state police, St. Louis County and St. Louis City police officers were pelted with bricks, rocks, concrete chunks, filled plastic water bottles and glass bottles.


What do you think of this – is this kind of behavior helping their cause?

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