O’Reilly Schools Obama On ISIS Strategy: Kill Every One Of The “Bastards”


September 11, 2014 10:43am PST

Bill O’Reilly is one member of the media who hasn’t been scared into leaving Obama or ISIS alone by the PC police. O’Reilly has been less than thrilled with the President’s strategy for dealing with ISIS, and he sat down with liberal Bob Beckel to discuss as much.

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O’Reilly offered a bit of advice to Obama, saying:

“If I’m the president, I would say, ‘Look, I’m gonna kill every one of these bastards and I’m not gonna tell you how, but I’m gonna go in and I’m gonna kill ‘em. You know why? Because they want to kill us and they already have killed American citizens.’”

Who do you think has a more viable strategy for dealing with the likes of ISIS? O’Reilly or Obama? Sound off in the somments section!

H/T: Mediaite


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