Two New Witnesses To Mike Brown Shooting Reveal Shocking Details

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Two new witnesses to the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown have come forward with their own accounts of what happened on that fateful August day. The two men, who are contractors, were working in the Ferguson area when Michael Brown was shot by white police officer Darren Wilson. They are not, however, from Ferguson, MO, nor do they know the Brown family.

The contractors spoke to CNN, but wished to remain anonymous, adding to their credibility. We’ve seen witnesses to the shooting come forward throughout the investigation who were seemingly just looking for their 15 minutes of fame, and were later proven to be entirely unreliable. Case in point: Dorian Johnson, Brown’s friend who was with him at the time of his death, and who moments before had assisted him in robbing a convenience store.

The new witnesses were captured on another witness’ cell phone footage just moments after the shooting, standing about 50 feet from Brown’s lifeless body.

“He had his fucking hands in the air,” yelled one of the men in disbelief. This same man told CNN that he and his co-worker heard one gun shot, then about 30 seconds later, they heard another. The first shot heard was likely the one which went off during the struggle between Brown and Wilson for the officer’s gun.

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The contractor claims that he saw a “staggering” Brown “put his hands up” and say, “OK, OK, OK.” At that point, “The cop didn’t say, ‘get on the ground,’ he just kept shooting,” the witness told CNN. He then described the gruesome scene which followed, in which he saw “brains come out of his head.”

The second contractor relayed that Brown attempted to flee from officer Wilson, at which point Wilson shot him in the back.

Another man was captured on the footage yelling, “He was no fucking threat at all.”

The witnesses unanimously maintained that officer Darren Wilson was the only cop who discharged a weapon, though a responding officer did draw his gun upon arriving at the scene. “The one cop was the one who shot him … Then I saw the other officer pull a gun out but he didn’t shoot,” said one of the contractors.

Keep in mind, CNN is among the most liberal of news outlets and has been a vocal advocate for Michael Brown from the very beginning. While they may be reporting facts they understand to be true, they may not be reporting all of the facts which are crucial to the investigation of this controversial case.

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While the accounts of these two eyewitnesses to the shooting appear to align with stories told by other witnesses, they do not square with the results of the autopsies performed on Michael Brown’s body. CNN ignored that fact in their report, focusing solely on the notion that a handful of eyewitnesses have now come forward who share similar stories.

If the official investigation into the death of Michael Brown does find that the 18-year-old had his arms raised in surrender when he was shot, it still would not mean an automatic murder charge for officer Wilson. Missouri state law maintains that he was within his authority when he fatally shot Brown, because the teen had reached for his weapon. That one mistake by Brown gave Wilson all the authority he needed to discharge his weapon, even if doing so ended in the death of the suspect.

Do these two new witness accounts change your opinion of who is guilty in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown? Give us your take in the comments section!

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