Ted Cruz DESTROYS “Fundamentally Unserious” Obama

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Speaking on the threat Americans face regarding the grown terrorist force better known as ISIS Obama said last night that America would be taking strong military action against the terrorists. After hearing the vague and feeble words of Obama however, Ted Cruz couldn’t help but completely destroy the “fundamentally unserious,” Commander-in-Chief.

While addressing the less than satisfying words of Obama, Cruz went to town systematically tearing apart Obama and criticizing the apparently weak words regarding the serious threat on our nation. While on Fox News’ “The Kelly File,” Cruz stated:

“What we didn’t see tonight was a commander in chief focused on U.S. national security interests who stood up and said there are radical Islamic terrorists who have declared war on the United States, who are murdering Christians, who have murdered two American journalists, and who have promised to take jihad to America, and we will respond with overwhelming air force to take them out.”

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Yet again, in an effort to remain in favor of the majority of Americans, Obama has chosen to play the political game rather than make the hard decisions that arise from his position. As we continue to watch the threat of terrorists groups like ISIS grow, one begins to wonder just how long Obama is going to pretend like the problem doesn’t exist rather than deal with it.

American blood has already been shed at the hands of the barbarous animals – what more must be done to prompt a more serious, devastating and concrete action from Obama? Does blood need to be shed on American soil – would he even act them?

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