Golfer-In-Chief Gets Snubbed In Huge Way, Shattering His Fragile Ego

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Obama was busy over Labor Day weekend, though not with his job running the free world or anything trivial like that. The President was in New York for a series of fundraisers on Friday, after which he flew back to D.C. via Air Force One. He then flew back to New York the next day to attend the wedding of the Lean Forward network’s Alex Wagner to White House chef Sam Kass. All of this jet setting raised the eyebrows of reporters, who wondered why the President didn’t just spend the night in New York, instead of wasting an ungodly amount of tax-payer dollars on excessive travel.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest explained away any questions by telling the press that Obama “decided he’d rather make that late evening flight back to the White House where he could sleep in his own bed, do a little work tomorrow, spend some time with his family, then travel back to New York tomorrow evening.” Obama, always the hard-working family man.

New evidence has surfaced that Obama did not in fact leave New York in the interest of work and family. On the contrary, he did so after his schedulers were unable to book a tee time for him.

TPNN reported:

Though he spends a large majority of his time railing against the rich and creating an environment of envy through his demonization of the rich, he sure loves to play golf with them. On that Labor Day weekend, Obama wasn’t just trying to play golf at any course. He was trying to play on courses where members pay as much as $100,000 a year for the privilege of playing golf on the course.

Obama’s schedulers contacted elite golf courses in an attempt to get the golfer-in-chief a tee time. These included Trump National Golf Club, the Winged Foot, and Willow Ridge. The clubs were given a one to two-day notice request to make room for Obama on the links. With Labor Day weekend being a popular time to golf for their members, each of the golf clubs told Obama no. They would not and could not accommodate him.

Political analyst Dan Gerstein said in regards to Obama’s embarrassing snub by three different golf courses, “I think he’s lost that star quality that he had, particularly in the first two years of his tenure in office.”

One New York area golf course reported that they would have accommodated the President, but apparently the digs weren’t fancy enough for Obama’s high-dollar taste.

Do you think Obama left New York with his tail between his legs because he couldn’t get a tee time at any elite golf courses? Sound off in the comments section!

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