Ferguson Protesters Promise “Chaos” If Officer Wilson Not Convicted

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Despite news generally having died down around the incident in Ferguson, Missouri, those who live in the town view the situation far from being over. This point was made even more clear as during a City Council meeting on Tuesday, resident interrupted the proceedings to declare that there would be “chaos” is officer Darren Wilson was not convicted in the murder of Mike Brown.

Originally intent on announcing a few things to the residents, the City Council meeting was quickly overcome with those wishing to speak directly to the council. Although they initially had comments cards available in which a few members of the audience would be asked to speak after they had concluded, the event turned into a free for all with microphones being passed around the room.

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At one point, the crowd became so hyped up that members began chanting in unison, “Fired up, can’t take it no more.” Another speaker asked, “How are you getting Ferguson residents involved with trying to be unified?”

The most astounding remarks however came from a young man who boldly declared, “You all might as well bring back the army because there’s going to be chaos in the street again.”

At this point, it’s been made clear that facts do not matter in the slightest and the only way the town of Ferguson can avoid any more civil unrest is to convict Officer Wilson regardless of his innocence, or guilt depending on whichever it may be.

(h/t: FOX 2)

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